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Hallo Schön, dass du dich auf meinen Blog verirrt hast. Ich würde mich über einen netten Kommentar oder Gästebucheintrag sehr freuen.

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I'm an angel, I'm a devil
I am sometimes in between
I'm as bad as it can get
And good as it can be

Sometimes I'm a million colors
Sometimes I'm black and white
I am all extremes
try to figure me out you never can

so many things I am


I am someone filled with self belief
And haunted by self doubt
I got all the answers

I got nothing figured out

I like to be by myself

I hate to be alone
I'm up and I am down
But that's the part of the thrill
Part of the plan
Part of all the things I am

Alter: 28

Ich mag diese...

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